What is Volt?
It is an intuitive online platform (mobile friendly) that seamlessly combines our top strength and conditioning expertise with cutting edge techology. Volt delivers 52 weeks of comprehensive training, designed just for you. Every rep, set, weight, and movement is optimized for you. Walk into the weight room knowing exactly what to do on any given training day.
Open Gym Membership $59/mo
Are you tired of working out at your local gym having to wait all day for the right equipment or not allowed to do certain Olympic lifts? Our open gym membership is the perfect option for an athlete looking for a place to lift and train on their own. We will sit down with you a design a program catered towards your needs. This is open to all athletes during working hours (we are closed on Sundays). Call 781-352-2501 for more information!
Volt Only Membership $30/mo
This membership is intended for the athlete in season that does not have time to attend Athletic Republic. It could include an in-season athlete or one either at boarding school/college. We will design a workout program that is adequate to your athletic needs and guide you through the process. 
Accelerated Volt Membership $59/mo
This membership is inteded for all current Athletic Republic members who are looking to come in to use the Athletic Republic facility on non training days. This includes members who have (group acceleration training, personal training, hockey treadmill training). If you are training with us two days a week and looking for extra days to lift this is the perfect addition!
Volt & Open Gym Membership $89/mo
This membership is perfect for the in season athlete or athlete that is not able to attend our group training sessions consistently. It will include both our open gym access membership plus a program written by us utilizing the Volt App with the proper workout for you. It also includes one acceleration session a month. If you are not able to join our acceleration programs we suggest this.